Medi Home Town is an online drug store/pharmacy that sells the best quality and healthy birth control/abortion medications at inexpensive rates. Medi Home Town is one of the most reliable online pharmacies and our sole aim is to make available high-quality medications at the best prices.

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Our main goal is to provide women with correct information about birth control and high-quality, affordable birth control pills so that they are able to have a safe abortion anywhere they think they are most comfortable. Medi Home Town firmly believes that any woman who has faced an undesirable pregnancy has the choice and right to make a decision for herself regarding her body and their future in a safe situation. We are aware that numerous ladies are compelled to go through risky abortions that can put their lives in danger. As opposed to that, abortion pills are a completely safe alternative for women all across the world and also an essential element of the fight for women's reproductive rights.

By following few easy steps, one can easily place an order on Medi Home Town. You can place an order from the comfort your home and can get it delivered right at your doorstep. Our main motto, at Medi Home Town, is to satisfy customer requirements and help them lead a safe and healthy life. The customer can purchase premium quality drugs at best market prices. We make sure that the quality of pills or products we sell never gets compromised.

Quality is our utmost Priority

Quality is what makes us a top preference amongst our customers. We make sure that our birth control products are tried and tested of their functions and have been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or equivalent authority bodies. Till date, we do not have any record of complaints from the customers regarding the quality the medications sold by us.

Our mission

Our sole mission is to encourage safe abortion process by making abortion pills accessible to every woman.

Our commitment

  • We provide access to best quality and FDA approved pills at the lowest price.
  • We truly respect your entitlement to make your own choices.
  • We ensure that our customers receive the superior quality medical products within the minimal time.
  • We make sure that your personal information safe and confidential.

Medi Home Town guarantees that the personal data of our customers will be not be shared with the third party. Hence, the customer can give their personal information without worry as we only ask for minimal personal information that is required to process the order. Medi Home Town will give you a safe, secure and happy shopping experience.